Connecting Microsoft Exchange Servers in High Availability Mode

How to configure Microsoft Exchange Server in Hosting Controller Panel in Fail-Over Mode ?

Below solution can be applied with all Exchange Server versions.

Fail-over IP address which should be routed between two Exchange servers, we will use this HA IP address to connect Exchange Server in the Panel. It is for the purpose of high availability connection between HC Portal and Exchange System

Exchange machines = 2 It is recommended to expose two Exchange Mailbox installed Role machines behind HA IP address instead of allowing all Exchange machines to communicate through HC Portal. This will simplify the process of diagnosing any issue in the future.

Network Load Balancer Rule:
Below is one of the example which will assist to apply load balancer network rule. The recommended approach is to monitor machines availability using port 443 only. 
The same fail-over IP address should forward communication on all ports listing below in the image..

Login in HC Panel as Super Admin and go to configuration icon > Server. Here you can add new instance to connect with Exchange server or if it is already added then click on edit button.

Insert Load Balancer IP address in Host IP field as shown below. This way if Exchange 1 is down, the Load balancer IP will automatically divert all operations to second Exchange instance without customer facing any down time using HC Panel.