How to achieve HC Control Panel high availability

The article explains how to achieve HC Control Panel High Availability (H.A) along with Exchange Server. Please find detailed instructions below:
System Requirements:
  • Number of HC Portal machines = 2 (Both machines will serve control panel web interface).
  • Number of Exchange machines = 2 or more (We recommend exposing only 2 machines that will work with HC Panel, because HC establishes connection with Exchange server using remote PowerShell. Let's say you have 6 Exchange machines then you can only enable remote PowerShell on two of them to perform different activities in Exchange server).
  • MS SQL Server Cluster (This SQL will be used to host HC Panel database).
Below is the logical diagram displaying how to achieve High Availability of HC Panel and how it will communicate with Exchange servers.
Step 1:
  • First of all install Hosting Controller Primary installer agent on both HC Portal machines.
  • Open IIS Manager of each portal machine and bind control panel web access URL as an example in website "Hosting Controller Portal" and make sure you apply the certificate.

  • Use Load balancer IP address for control panel web URL that resolves on both HC Portal machines.
  • HC Activation:
    • Shutdown HC02 machine and access panel from HC01 http://localhost:8797 and activate HC License
    • Shutdown HC01 machine and access panel from HC02 http://localhost:8797 and activate HC License

      ** HC store the license Hash in the local system and by performing above step will ensure that the same HC key hash stores in both portal machines and this step require only once to be performed.
Step 2:
  • Make it available a Load balancer IP address that resolves on both Exchange machines that will be used with HC Panel.
  • Login in HC Panel as host and go to configuration icon > Server. Here you can add new instance to connect with Exchange server or if it is already added then click on edit button.

  • Insert Load Balancer IP address in Host IP field as shown below. This way if Exchange 1 is down, the Load balancer IP will automatically divert all operations to second Exchange instance without customer facing any down time using HC Panel.