How to achieve HC Control Panel high availability

The article explains how to setup & configure Hosting Controller Portal System in High Availability mode.

System Requirements:

Number of HC Portal machines = 2 (Both machines will serve control panel web interface).
MSSQL Server:  HC system uses MSSQL Database to store all Panel related information. You can use any SQL Fail-Over technique such as Always-On, Clustering, Mirror etc.

Below is the logical diagram displaying that how Hosting Controller will communicate with Microsoft Enterprise Services in HA mode.
Step 1:
  • Perform installation of Hosting Controller Primary installer agent on both HC Portal machines.
  • Open IIS Manager of each portal machine and bind the control panel web access URL as an example in website "Hosting Controller Portal" and make sure you apply the certificate.
  • This web address must be resolved with fail-over IP address

  • Network Load Balancer Rule:
    Below is one example that will assist in applying the load balancer network rule. The recommended approach is to monitor the HC Portal machine's availability using port 443. You must not check the HC Portal machine's heartbeat using HC Application ports.
  • HC Activation:
    • Shutdown HC02 machine and access panel from HC01 http://localhost:8797 and activate HC License
    • Shutdown HC01 machine and access panel from HC02 http://localhost:8797 and activate HC License