How to Configure Exchange 2010 SP1 “/hosting” switch in Hosting Mode with HC Panel

Question: How to Configure Exchange 2010 SP1 “/hosting” switch in Hosting Mode with HC Panel ?


With the release of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1, Microsoft has created a new way to support hosted Exchange deployments. Exchange 2010 SP1 is the first multi-tenant ready Exchange Server version that includes hosting features that allow hosted services providers to create and manage multiple organizations in the same Active Directory forest. Exchange 2010 SP1 can be deployed using a special "/hosting" switch that installs Exchange 2010 SP1 in "Hosting Mode".

 Therefore there are some changes in HC panel to configure and manage Hosted Exchange 2010 SP1 in "Hosting Mode". Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Enable Hosted Exchange 2010 SP1 role in the cluster by logging in panel as HostAdmin --> " Server Manager :: Global Setting :: Mail Server "
  2. Add your Hub Transport Server in HC cluster as mail server where Exchange 2010 SP1 is installed,  Server Manager :: Add Server . If server is already added in HC cluster then you can configure it from HostAdmin > Server Manager :: Edit Server :: Mail Server
  3. In order for HC panel to communicate with your Hosted Exchange Server, HC Remoting Service (exists in services.msc) must run under a user that is a member of [administrator, Domain Controller, Domain Admin]. You can add a new user for this task, see detailed instructions in this article
  4. The Service Plans created in Exchange 2010 are required to be added in HostingController at "My Server :: Exchange Service Plans :: Add Exchange Service Plan" at host level. Here you will need to have following information:

    • Service Plan Name : HostingAllFeatures_Sample
    • ProgramID : HostingSample
    • OfferID : 1

    The required information for these Service plans to be added in HC can be obtained from installation directory of Exchange Server i-e the "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\ClientAccess\ServicePlans\ServicePlanHostingRemap.csv".

    Note: If you add new service plans in Exchange or change the names of existing plans then you will need to update it again in HC panel.
    Here are few helpful links for detailed instructions on how to add Service Plans in Exchange Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4

  5. Create Hosting Plans in HC panel at HostAdmin level, select Hosted Exchange as mail server and assign appropriate resource quota --> "Hosting Plan :: Add Plan".
  6. Create the reseller using " User Manager :: Add User "
  7. Login in HC panel as reseller
  8. Create required hosting plans that reseller can offer to its end customers from " Hosting Plan :: Add Plans "
    Note: It is recommened to keep resource quota same in both Exchange Service Plan and HC Hosting Plan, however in case of any conflict HC hosting plans get priority over Exchange service plans on common resources i-e MAPI, IMAP, POP, OWA and mailbox size
    For Example
    If default Mailbox quota size in Exchange Service Plan is defined 500 MB, but in HC Hosting Plan you have set mailbox size 250 MB, in this case initially mailbox will be created with 500 MB size but immediately in the backend HC will update its mailbox size to 250 MB automatically.

  9. To create new mail domain go to " Tool :: Hosted Organization "
  10. To add further mailboxes for existing Organization go to same location " Tool :: Hosted Organization :: Chose Organization Name and click Mailboxes button. Using same location user can modify the mailbox properties.

    Note: If Hosted Exchange is the only mail server in your cluster then you will need to manage all mail related services " Tools :: Hosted Organization "