Hosting Controller Installation and Configuration with MS Exchange Server 2010

Question: Hosting Controller Installation and Configuration with MS Exchange Server 2010 ?

When a user runs the Hosting Controller setup; Instructions Guide automatically opens which guides the user on each step of the installation. For installing it on the Exchange server, make sure HC is installed on a server that runs the Hub Transport role.  
Installation Guide with screenshots can also be viewed on this Link

Hosting Controller Configuration after Installation:
 After the installation is complete, log in to the HC panel using the "HostAdmin" account and follow these steps.
     1. To set up any supported 3rd-party application with Hosting Controller like Mail, DNS, Database, MS Exchange Server, FTP, Scripting languages, etc., then go to Server Manager:: Global Setting (Enable only those which are installed in the machine).

        (a) Add Server in HC Panel from Server Manager:: Add Server.
         (b) Configure path of different applications in HC panel like website root folder, DNS, Mail, databases Server from Server Manager:: Edit Server.
     3. In order to communicate HC panel with MS Exchange Server we require to run HC Remoting Service (exists in services.msc) under a user which should be a member of [administrator, Domain Controller, Domain Admin].
You can add a new user for this task. See detailed instructions from this article.
    4. Create "reseller" in HC panel, who can only create websites/web admin from User Manager:: Add User.
     5. Now login in HC panel as a reseller and create hosting plan(s) which will be offered for the end user, Hosting Plan:: Add Plan.
     6. Create a website from reseller level interface path WebSite:: Add WebSite.
     7. To create mail domain, mailboxes, Public folders, Distribution Lists, etc. Go to Tool:: Exchange Manager.

    Here is the Exchange panel documentation link.