Hosting Controller Installation and Configuration with MS Exchange Server 2010

Question: Hosting Controller Installation and Configuration with MS Exchange Server 2010 ?


When user runs Hosting Controller setup; Instructions Guide automatically opens which guides user on each step of the installation. For installing it on Exchange server, make sure HC is installed on server that runs Hub Transport role.  

Installation Guide with screenshots can also be viewed on this Link

Hosting Controller Configuration after Installation:
After the installation is complete, login to HC panel using "HostAdmin" account and follow these steps.

    1. To setup any supported 3rd-party application with Hosting Controller like Mail, DNS, Database, MS Exchange Server, FTP, Scripting languages etc., then go to Server Manager :: Global Setting (Enable only those which are installed in the machine).


        (a) Add Server in HC Panel from Server Manager :: Add Server.

        (b) Configure path of different applications in HC panel like website root folder, DNS, Mail, databases Server from Server Manager :: Edit Server.

    3. In order to communicate HC panel with MS Exchange Server we require to run HC Remoting Service (exists in services.msc) under a user which should be a member of [administrator, Domain Controller, Domain Admin].
You can add a new user for this task. See detail instructions from this article.

    4. Create "reseller" in HC panel, who can only create websites/webAdmin from User Manager :: Add User.

    5. Now login in HC panel as reseller and create hosting plan(s) which will be offered for end user, Hosting Plan :: Add Plan.

    6. Create website from reseller level interface path WebSite :: Add WebSite.

    7. To create mail domain, mail boxes, Public folder, Distribution Lists etc. Go to Tool :: Exchange Manager.

    Here is Exchange panel documentation link.