HC7:Windows Build9/Linux Build5 have been released

These builds provide fixes for many issues which were reported in past few weeks. It is highly recommended to update HC7 installation on your machines with them. You can download builds from following URLs:

Windows: BuildNo 7.00.0009
Linux: BuildNo 5.0

Here is a list of some important bugs/enhancements fixed in these Builds.

BuildNo 7.00.0009: ( Windows )


• Multi SQL/MySQL Database Server instances support
• From now HC db password will be stored in encrypted form in registry.
• Support AwStats 6.6 version.
• Disk Usage/Bandwidth modules are improved and new options are added as threshold limit Actions.
• IISPassword implementation is improved.
• Display order is changed alphabetically.
• Disk Usage email format is improved.


• Fixed a bug where account suspension email was not being sent.
• Fixed a bug where Secondary NS info. was not being displayed.
• Fixed a java script error on Payment Gateways page.
• Fixed webalizer related issue.
• Fixed different billing related issues.
• Fixed click and install application related issues.
• Fixed a bug where files were not being uploaded through folder manager option.
• Fixed Unhandled Exception error on domain creation if DNS role was not selected in Server Manager.
• Fixed a bug where host was not able to sell Add-on.
• Fixed issue related to host header creation.
• Fixed mail box quota error.
• Fixed database fetching error.
• Fixed a bug where mail box resource could not be excluded from the plan.
• Fixed a bug where ACL permissions were not being added correctly.
• Fixed an issue related to anonymous user password.
• Fixed an issue related to customized templates option in hc panel.

BuildNo 5.0: ( Linux )


• Multi SQL/MySQL Database Server instances support


• Fixed a bug related to DNS module.
• Fixed send mail server related issues.
• Fixed mySQL related issue.
• Fixed an issue related to plan manager

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