HC7: Release Notes for Windows build 19/Linux build 15.

Hosting Controller releases Windows build19/Linux build 15. These builds provide fixes for issues which were reported in past few weeks. It is recommended to update HC7 installation on your machines. Visit Service Pack section to download latest builds.

Note: Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 must be installed on your HC server(s) prior to this installation. Moreover, this build removes .NET mappings from the root of the web server as it is not recommended to have .NET mappings on the root of the web server.

Here is a list of some important bugs/enhancements fixed in these Builds.

Build No 7.00.0019: (Windows)

- Improved Microsoft SharePoint Server Support
- Improved User/Domain search
- Improved Billing Invoices generated by Hosting Controller
- Provided Server Manager’s new improved tab based interface
- Provided ‘Disclaimer’ for Click & Install Apps
- Awstats version upgraded to 6.8
- IP change feature added in rebuildXpress utility
- Provided option to import SQL/MySQL databases for existing sites in IIS
- Improved Control Panel URL configuration
- Deletion of disabled mailbox (MS Exchange)
- Creating mailbox for existing user in Active Directory for a mail domain. (MS Exchange)
- Configuring Mailbox Size in advanced properties of a user (MS Exchange)
- Both MS Exchange and MS SharePoint can now reside in single active directory under the same Organization Unit

Bugs Fixed:

- Bug Fixed: Click & Install Apps working on IIS7/Windows 2008 machines
- Bug Fixed: ServU FTP server where HC was throwing error “73000410 : Unknown User or Invalid Access”
- Bug Fixed: HC was not sending mail for database backup/restore operations
- Bug Fixed: AwStats working on IIS7/Windows 2008 machines
- Bug Fixed: Zone was not being created on secondary Simple DNS Plus Server
- Bug Fixed: Path was not being changed in IIS for website migration
- Bug Fixed: Trouble ticket URL in emails
- Bug Fixed: Wrong URL in emails for SSL enabled domains
- Bug Fixed: Auto sell quota
- Bug Fixed: MS Exchange where previously the "Authenticated Users" rights are removed from Default Global Address List (DGAL), in consequence of that DGAL was not available to MS Exchange environment. Now, instead of that just the "DENY" rights are added to HC Exchange managed security groups of mail domains. Because of this change, the DGAL is visible to all except the HC Exchange managed users.
- Bug Fixed: Public Folders which were being seen by all mail domain users
- Bug Fixed: UPN which was being deleted, though Organizational Unit was being used for HC SharePoint users

Build No 7.00.00015: (Linux)

- Shared SSL support for Linux based sites
- Cronjobs is now supported
- Hostheaders for sites created in Apache
- System reboot option is added for Linux servers
- Installer is modified. Now it prompts for upgrade/remove option, if HC is already installed. Otherwise, start HC installation.


- Bug Fixed: RC directory structure of Debian
- Bug Fixed: URL Redirection
- Bug Fixed: Admin redirect issue
- Bug Fixed: admin.[domain] URL was not working for new domains incase of NAT
- Bug Fixed: Wrong IP address was being set for host headers incase of NAT


Hosting Controller would like to thank and credit Truong Truong Quan - Security Vulnerability Research- Bach Khoa Internetwork Security (Bkis) - Ha Noi University of Technology - Viet Nam - (security.bkis.vn) for having referred some bugs to HC. to 50% discount on purchase.

About Hosting Controller

Founded in 1999, Hosting Controller is a complete hosting automation solution for web hosts and cloud based service providers. It allows them to manage both Windows & Linux servers simultaneously as part of a single cluster. In addition to shared hosts, HC offers a full solution suite for hosted Enterprise Applications creating a shared multi-tenant environment for automatic provisioning of Exchange 2007/2010, BlackBerry, SharePoint, OCS and Dynamics CRM. It also offers a full automation solution for Infrastructure and Virtualization providers offering virtualized partitions on both Windows and Linux based servers through Hyper-V technology for Windows & Xen Hypervisor technology for Linux! Hosting Controller Inc. is based in Richmond, BC, Canada and has customers in 125 countries worldwide.

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