Hosting Controller announces rebuildXpress, the powerful backup and recovery add-on to Hosting Controller.

Los Angeles, CA -- June 30, 2004 -- Hosting Controller, the leading Windows hosting automation software provider, announced today the release of rebuildXpress Instant Recovery® that provides a rigorous and proactive backup and restoration mechanism for Windows based hosting servers.

An add-on to Hosting Controller, rebuildXpress is a revolutionary tool that takes backup of business critical data (accounts, e-mails, IIS, DNS, customer data, etc) on set intervals and in case of an outage can quickly restore all services and customer data to last known good state.

RebuildXpress provides web hosting firms the cheapest and most reliable backup and recovery software for their Windows hosting servers. It is particularly useful for system backup, system migration, system recovery, and mail service migration.

RebuildXpress maintains a list of tasks to control which files, folders, and critical data to back up and when to back up. It has a built-in FTP client that takes incremental backups which means that 1st time all data will be backedup and subsequently only the changed files will backup. Backup copies can be stored on local or you can tell rebuildXpress to transport backup on a remote server through FTP or UNC path.

The server rebuild component allows hosting providers to quickly rebuild their hosting servers to last known good state. They have the flexibility to rebuild Accounts, IIS, DNS, Mail, Customer Data at once or rebuild only one of these services depending on requirement. It can be used for mail server migration also. For example, it allows mail service backup on IMail and can rebuild mail service on another machine running IceWarp or vice versa.

"Web hosting is an extremely sensitive business because you are responsible for assuring presence of hundreds of e-businesses. But their is growing problem of data loss due to user errors, system failures, virus/cyber attacks and other threats, and you have a real need for a reliable backup & recovery solution," said Syed Nauman Hashmi, CEO of Hosting Controller. "Solutions that can provide up-to-date, data protection and recovery. rebuildXpress ensures the availability and security of valuable hosting data by offering powerful protection and disaster recovery features, and it takes advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies. This latest add-on underscores Advanced Communication's commitment to delivering world-class hosting industry solutions."

As a backup and recovery program, rebuildXpress is ideal because it delivers simple, easy-to-use data protection and recovery with its simple user interface including a step-by-step backup and restore wizard for guiding users through common tasks.

RebuildXpress can be purchased directly from Hosting Controller website at or from a Hosting Controller Reseller.

About Hosting Controller

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