Hosting Controller Announced Anti-Piracy Measures for Its Products.

Los Angeles, CA -- January 05, 2004 -- Hosting Controller Announced Anti-Piracy Measures for Its Products.

Hosting Controller , the leading Windows hosting automation software provider, has today announced anti-piracy measure. As the result of this Hosting Controller product now requires one-time license activation from a central license activation server.

"You might think software theft hurts only those of us who create software. But the truth is, the damage goes much further, impacting jobs, wages, taxes, and retail sales right in your community. In addition, organizations of all kinds now face a host of serious technical and legal problems with counterfeit or stolen software -- often without their knowledge.", says Syed Nuaman Hashmi, the CEO.

BSA estimates that software publishers lose roughly $13 billion to software piracy every year. Many people are surprised to learn that the lion's share of those losses come from the problem of over-installation - that is, loading a program onto more computers than authorized by the license agreement. Globally, that type of copying hurts software publishers more than retail piracy and counterfeiting.

Product activation can help end users comply with license agreements, ensure that the software they are using is genuine and deter casual copying -- all with virtually no impact on legitimate customers. Because of the ubiquity of the internet, the availability of robust and reliable technology and growing industry and consumer adoption, product activation is now a mainstream option for many software companies.

The Hosting Controller product activation technology detects the hardware configuration on which the product is being installed, but not through any kind of scanning of a customer's hard drive, The technology does not register the make, model or manufacturer of the PC or peripherals attached to it. Nor does it register any of the software applications loaded on the customer's machine.

Consumers will be able to change their hardware without having to reactivate the product, unless they "completely overhaul" their machines, at which time, reactivation may again be required.

With the product activation feature in Hosting Controller, customers are allowed to install additional copy of Hosting Controller on their servers--in addition to their 1st server--but requires a second activation and verification of the license.

About Hosting Controller

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