Hosting Controller, Inc. Announces Hosting Controller Version 6.0

Los Angeles, CA -- October 07, 2003 -- Hosting Controller, Inc. Announces Hosting Controller Version 6.0

Los Angeles, CA., October 07, 2003- Hosting Controller Inc., the leader in Windows web hosting automation, today announced the release of 1st multi-lingual Hosting Controller version.

Hosting Controller version 6.0 is the highest-profile Windows Control Panel software. Version 6.0 has been in the works for almost a year, with company initially expecting the version to arrive by the end of July, 03.

On Tuesday, October 07, 2003, the company released version 6.0 for real-world "production" use, after running betas for three months. It is designated as the final version, and now recommended over the earlier 1.4 and 2002 versions.

The new version is XML implementation of product which runs faster and performs better than earlier versions. This version is initially released in 7 languages including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish and Persian. Other languages just round the corner are Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, French, German, Arabic and Swedish. Additional language packs are posted in language packs section of website as they become available.

One major barrier to widespread access to the Internet is the language barrier. English has been the de facto language of the Internet. This is a major disadvantage for countries like China, which along with Korea, and Japan, make half of Internet economy. Thus, there is a great demand for localization of web hosting control panel and regional language interfaces.

"Being always pioneers, we had already recognized the potential of multilingual control panel. In order to meet the need of a multi-lingual web hosting society of today's world, the Hosting Controller team initiated activities in the area of technology development for software localization.", says Syed Nauman Hashmi, the CEO of company. "Reengineering of HC into XML based script technology was a major breakthrough in this direction. It allowed to abstract out the presentation layer from the core HC engine and made possible to plug in different language locales without interfering with the core engine."

Localized versions are available as language packs. When a language pack is updated or a new language pack is added, a notification appears in HostAdmin control panel. They may download and install new language pack in 2 clicks from Hosting Controller website.

Hosting Controller v.6.0 has taken the software one step further by developing a fully skin able version! The skin option allows the user to totally control the looks of the control panel.

Complete Reseller Private Labeling is another advanced feature of this version. After a reseller signs-up, every imaginable customer touch point has his branding; from the control panel to account setup email and billing invoices/transcript, customer never knows the reseller outsourced it. All references to pricing and host site name are removed.

New features include friendly user interface, context sensitive quick help, quick links, MDaemon Mail server, ASP.NET, ColdFusion MX support and lightening fast operations. These make this a wonderful release for thousands of customer hosting companies around the globe.

About Hosting Controller

Founded in 1999, Hosting Controller is a complete hosting automation solution for web hosts and cloud based service providers. It allows them to manage both Windows & Linux servers simultaneously as part of a single cluster. In addition to shared hosts, HC offers a full solution suite for hosted Enterprise Applications creating a shared multi-tenant environment for automatic provisioning of Exchange 2007/2010, BlackBerry, SharePoint, OCS and Dynamics CRM. It also offers a full automation solution for Infrastructure and Virtualization providers offering virtualized partitions on both Windows and Linux based servers through Hyper-V technology for Windows & Xen Hypervisor technology for Linux! Hosting Controller Inc. is based in Richmond, BC, Canada and has customers in 125 countries worldwide.

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