Hosting Controller Announces the Release of HC7

Los Angeles, CA -- December 13, 2006 - Hosting Controller Inc ( developer of Hosting Automation Solution announces the official final release of HC7.

Hosting Controller version 7C is the highest-profile Control Panel software. It has many advanced features, a sophisticated cluster management solution, support for both operating systems (Windows/Linux), built-in load balancing component, dozens of new click & install applications and improved billing system to automate and improve your web hosting tasks. Company has released this new version for real-world "production" use, after running betas for over two months. It is designated as the final version, and now recommended over all earlier versions.

"HC7 is a blend of cutting edge technology and advanced hosting features which will empower you with control and server management capability that’s never experienced before", says Syed Nauman Hashmi, the CEO of company. "Reengineering of HC7 under latest .NET framework which uses standard industry protocols XML, SOAP and HTTP, thus it facilitates distributed applications communication efficiently, ensuring all security measures. It also offers smooth multiple cross-servers handshake using centralized database with reduced redundancy."

Key features in HC7 include:

Control Server – HC 7 uses a single centralized database, with reduced redundancy, improved security measures and easy management reducing the chances for bugs in the product thus enables to control multiple servers through single interface. Now users can manage all of their servers in a cluster with just one interface.

Multiple OS Support – HC7 gives its users the freedom to use any operating system (Windows/Linux) on the servers, with just one limitation that the control or master server must have Windows installed on it. This provides flexibility to manage Windows (IIS) and Linux (Apache) web servers simultaneously through a centralized single interface.

Load Balancer – One of the key features HC7 has is Load Balancing. In today’s world we face slow trafficking on our networks. Among other reasons one big reason is over loaded servers. HC7 introduces its load balancing component which is built-in. It automatically balances the traffic load in a cluster.

Improved Error Handling – HC7 comes with improved error handling techniques. It uses XML log generation at the back end which not only helps in error handling but also in error tracking. This way, errors are tracked and fixed with lesser duration of time.

Improved GUI with New Versatile Gadgets – Along with the competent features and efficient functionality, HC7 skies in with a cooler and friendlier GUI. With its popular panel XP theme it now introduces perfectly structured Cool Tab Skin and convenient Cool Tree Skin, both with nice colors combination.

Click & Install Apps – Dozens of new click & install applications are integrated and bundled in HC7. These third party software can be enabled on per site basis through single click. Newly added applications include forums, blogs, E-commerce solutions, web data management, customer support solutions, CMS, online calendar and website builder.

Improved Billing System – HC7 built in billing comes with improved design and secure coding techniques. Auto-billing feature is empowered with accuracy and efficiency to meet the extensive demands of clustered scenario. Reports generation is now more illustrative and better.

“With the release of this new version, Hosting Controller continues to offer best priced control panel not only for windows but also for linux,” says Babar Zaman, company’s vice president for Business Development. “With introduction of 50, 100, 250 and unlimited domains licenses for HC7 we feel that customers would be well served by allowing them additional options to choose from.

Pricing and Availability - HC7 is available now to download from HC website. Existing customers who purchased HC6.1 on standard price after 1st of September 2005 will be entitled for free upgrade to HC7. To purchase or get upgrade for HC7 visit
online store.

About Hosting Controller Inc.

Hosting Controller development was started in 1997 when we realized a dire need for an automation solution for Windows based hosting and it was first released in 1998. Over 8 years of development experience and innovation delivers unmatched functionality and flexibility.

Hosting Controller is the definitive management tool for Windows based hosting servers, user-friendly, yet powerful enough to manage routine system administration tasks, DNS, mail, database connections, database backups and restoration, web site statistics and billing. Based on the latest development technology, Hosting Controller is a powerful remote administration tool for Windows web hosting, providing administrators with the tools they need to manage web hosting tasks seamlessly with secure, confined separate environments for hosts, resellers and administrators.

For more information about Hosting Controller, visit the website at: or call +1 (213) 341 1419.