Hosting Controller unmasks HC7 public beta

Hosting Controller Inc. unmasks HC7 public beta. This new version allows customers to manage routine tasks of hosting business and enjoy the flexibility of software. HC7 lets its users perform all the functions seamlessly and consistently in a confined separate environment for each three tier user model.

HC7 beta is available now to download which has been in development phase for year and a half. Company expects to release final version by the end of November. New features include support for both Operating Systems (Windows/Linux). HC7 provides full cluster management following standardization principal for all servers in the cluster and enables to control multiple servers through single interface. Developed on the latest development framework HC7 supports a centralized database with built-in load balancing component. More over you can add new applications with not few but just single click. Initially six new Click & Install Applications have been integrated and with full release dozens more will be available.

HC7 built in billing comes with improved design and secure coding techniques. Auto-billing feature is empowered with accuracy and efficiency to meet the extensive demands of clustered scenario. Reports generation is now more illustrative and better. With refined quota management giving more detailed quota reports and revived individual resource statistics.

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