Hosting Controller Announces the Release of Email Migration Tool

After extensive testing, Hosting Controller has launched the Mailbox Migration Tool. HC Mailbox Migration tool gives you the following features:
  • Mailbox Data Migration from Anywhere to Anywhere
  • Platform Independent (Windows & Linux)
  • Migration from any On-premises Exchange version to Office 365 and Vice-Versa
  • Migration from any Legacy Mail Server to On-Premises Exchange or Office 365 and Vice-Versa
  • Migration to and from any Previous Exchange Versions
  • Support for Cross-Domain and Same-Domain Migration
  • Support for Mailbox Calendar, Mailbox Tasks and Mailbox Contacts (For Exchange & Office 365)
  • Web based Migration Tool using IMAP Protocol, Access it Anytime from Anywhere
  • Access Delegation for Domain Admins
  • Post Migration Sync
  • No Impact on Users
  • Bulk Mailbox Migration
For a very limited time you can purchase perpetual license of HC Migration Mailbox Tool for 500 Mailboxes at 50% discount.  
For more detail please visit this link