AD Self Service Portal v2.0 release

Toronto, Canada – April 11, 2022– We would like to inform our customers that AD Self Service Portal v2.0 update is now available for download with following new features & enhancements:
  1. Domain Controller Authentication for ADSSP Administrators
  2. AD users (under a selected security group) can now login to the admin section of ADSSP and authenticated directly from the selected Domain Controller.
  3. Feature to select any specific OU with allow permissions for its users to enroll in the Portal.
  4. Portal Admin can now add new custom attributes of Active Directory.
  5. Admin can now set profile attributes as mandatory.
  6. Option to provide possible values for any attributes has been added.
  7. Admin can now dis-enroll a user directly from the admin section.
  8. Log and report each admin’s operation.
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