Active Directory Self-Service Portal Application

Are you an IT administrator and have been tasked with managing a large Microsoft Active Directory? Would you be comfortable with changing user passwords manually if called for? There can be hundreds or even thousands of users in your Active Directory environment and tending individually to each and every user can be extremely painful. Additionally, as an administrator you are frequently required to update user profiles, enforce password policies and keep users from getting locked out from their accounts. Can you afford performing these strenuous routines without increasing the likelihood of error and downtime? 
Introducing the all new AD Self Service Portal !
With extremely reliable self-serve capabilities of AD Self Service Portal you can now empower Active Directory users to update their own user profiles, reset their passwords and unlock their domain accounts, all through the convenience of a web-based interface. To address security needs you can allow them to identify themselves through a multi-factored layer of security and can meet additional auditing requirements by generating various audit reports. 
With AD Self Service Portal you always remain efficient and protected and can enable your user base to move quickly through the daily challenges of maintaining their AD accounts without the help of native tools.
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