Login and Password Prompt on PHP, Perl, ColdFusion Websites

Question: After setting up security permissions, all the script based websites (PHP, Perl, ColdFusion) are asking for login and password.

This error occurs in result of insufficient anonymous user rights on PHP/Perl/ColdFusion installation folder.
Lack of Execute permissions on website can be another reason.

Give "Everyone" Full Control on your PHP/Perl/ColdFusion installation folders.

PHP and Perl require Execute permissions also, so you need to set Execute permission on the website.
To set Everyone Permissions, follow these steps:

   1. Go to Windows Explorer, expand My Computer, right-click on PHP/Perl/ColdFusion installation folder, and select Properties.

   2. Go into the Security tab. Click Add button, Select Everyone, Hit Add button and click Ok.

   3. Select Everyone in the security dialog and enable the check box Full Control.

   4. Click Ok.

To set Execute Permissions on website, follow these steps:

   1. Login into Hosting Controller. Click Domains, click List Websites, and select the website. Click on Properties button.

   2. On Website Properties screen, enable Execute check box under Access Permissions, click on Save Settings button.