How to configure simple DNS Server in HC panel?

Question: Unable to create DNS zone using simple DNS plus with HC.

If HC is not creating DNS zones on local/remote Simple DNS plus machine, make sure about the following things: 
  1. Login in HC panel as host admin.
  2. Go to menu Server Manager :: Edit Server :: DNS Manager.
      *DNS Server path : It should be the path which is set in the simple dns for zone file data.
        Example: c:\program data\jh software\simple dns plus\ZoneFiles

In order to use simple DNS Plus 5.x version with HC, you will need to follow below steps:

    1. Go to HC registry path Start :: Run :: regedit :: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HostingController.

    2. Right click on Hosting Controller and create new Key with name DNS.

    3. Inside DNS key create a string value with name DNSRootPath.

    4. Double click on DNSRootPath and enter Simple DNS Plus installation path
         i.e. C:\Program Files\Simple DNS Plus.

Note: If you have multiple DNS server then follow above steps on them too.


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