How to use Enom in Test mode with HC?

Question: How to configure and Test Enom with Hosting Controller?


Skip point 1 & 3 of this article if you are using HC8 build13.

Here are the steps which must be followed before Enom Testing with HC Panel:
  1. Install Enom API on your machine by downloading from or download it from this link
  2. Configure Enom with HC at this path My Server :: Domain Registrants Settings of HC Panel.
  3. Go to Registry Path Start :: Run :: regedit and find the key at this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Enom\URL Interface OR HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Enom\URL Interface. On the right side, Set ServerIP =  "".
  4. ServerIP should be Added in Enom merchant account settings, for this:    
  • Login to Enom Live Account, Click on Reseller and then click Test Account.
  • Click Add/Edit/Delete IP addresses that are allowed to access your account on the test server, here add your Server IP Address. 
    5.   Test account balance should be enough to Register Domain, for this:  
  • Login to Enom Live Account, Click on Reseller Tools and then Test Account.
  • Click Reset your account balance in the test environment to $5000 which will reset your test account balance to 5000.
    6.   NS should be registered to Enom test account, for this  
  • Login to Enom Test Account
  • Register a new domain from Domains :: Register A Domain.
  • After successful domain registration Click Domains :: My Domain, locate and click on your newly registered domain and further click on DNS Server Settings and select Custom. Here give name servers as and
  • Click Domains in main Menu then Advanced Tools :: Register a name server.
  • Here enter your NS Name and IP to register. Register your both Primary and Secondary servers here.
    Now your test account is ready to do test Transaction from HC panel at this path:
     (Website Services :: Domain Registration :: Register a Domain).

Note: Give your registered NS e.g. and during test domain registration from HC panel.

After using Enom in test mode you can switch back in Live mode, for that consult this Article.