Question: When Hosting Controller creates a website, it creates WWW, Special,, DB and Logs folders. What are these for?

HC Control Panel maintains all the websites in a WebSpace directory that has been defined in the HC panel path 

In HC9 Control Panel : Cluster Configuration :: Manage Servers :: My Servers :: Edit Server :: Web Server at Host-level.

In HC10 Control Pane l: Configurations :: Server Manager :: Servers :: Edit :: Web Server at Global Admin level.
For instance, we take X:\Webspace as Web Root Path. 
Web Root is the path where HC creates folders for websites. The hierarchy followed is X:\Webspace\ '' folder contains four sub-folders: 

  1. WWW Folder: The website data will be uploaded to this folder. (Note in HC Linux www/html folder used for website data)
  2. Special Folder: All third-party installation & AWStats folders are created under the “Special” folder of the respective domain.
  3. DB Folder: The backup files of the database (MS SQL and My SQL) will be in this folder.
  4. Logs Folder: The website logs will be in this folder. The user can download raw logs from here. 

The final directory structure will look like this: