Question: When I try to login, Hosting Controller says it has expired yet I have only been using it for less than 30 days?

There can be three possible reasons of this problem.

   1. HC was installed more than 30 days ago, then uninstalled and now installed again on the same server. Once it is installed on a server, the trial period starts and you may not try to install it again for demo on same server.

   2. The user HCAdministrator is not a member of Administrators group. HC is dependent on this user rights therefore if rights are lacking then Hosting Controller will not work.

   3. The password of HCAdministrator user was changed and its synchronization with Hosting Controller is disturbed.

Check following points for a workaround for this problem.

   1. Make sure HC was never installed on this server before. If it was, then you may request the support to extend your trial period which can be extended to maximum of 60 days.

   2. If HCAdministrator password was changed, you need to set the new password through Hosting Controller service.

   3. Check HCAdministrator group membership. Make sure it is a member of Administrators group only.

To check group membership of "HCAdministrator", follow the steps below:

   1. Open Computer Management. To open Computer Management, go to Start :: Settings :: Control Panel ::Administrative Tools ::Computer Management.

   2. In the console tree, click Local Users and Groups, click Users

   3. Double click on HCAdministrator user and under Member Of tab verify that HCAdministrator is a member of only Administrators group only. If it is listed then skip to step 5. 

   4. Click Add button and select Administrators group.

   5. Click Ok button.