How to view website before its DNS propagates?

Question: How to view website before its DNS propagates? Is there a way the client can view the website to work on it before its DNS propagates?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to give access to a new client to view his website even before he transfers DNS to your service. HC can create instant access (Temporary Virtual Directory ) under a live domain, preferably under your company domain. The customer may then access his website as http://HostWebSite/CustomerWebSite.

Website to Create Temporary Virtual Directory can be enabled at the time of website creation only.

To enable instant access to website, follow the steps below:
For HC9 follow these steps:
   1. Login into HC as Reseller/Webadmin and click Manage Websites under Hosting Services.
   2. Click Add Website on step 4 under tab " Virtual directory/IP config " select one of the existing domain from drop down list and click Add Website button.
For HC10 follow these steps:

   1. Login into HC Panel and click on Provisioning :: Websites.
   2. Now Click on Create Website button and select any one of the existing domain from Temporary Access drop down and click Create Website button.

Consider new website "" is signed-up and at above mentioned step, you select "" as an existing live website. Now HC will create a new virtual directory "ClientDomain-com" under "". In account setup e-mail client will be notified about this URL and then the client will upload and see his website at

This way new customers can view their website on your machine before its DNS propagates.