How to customize HC Email templates?

Question: How do I customize the website parking page, emails and auto signup templates?

*It applies to HC9 Panel only
You can customize all the email templates including account setup, account deletion, invoice, payment, forgot password, password recovery etc. HC also facilitates you to edit your website parking page and auto signup templates like select plan, domain information, auto signup result, error message etc.

Only Host/Reseller can customize these templates.

To edit templates, follow the steps below:  

   1. Login into HC as Host/Reseller.
   2. Navigate to the menu: Panel Configuration :: Configure Services :: Email Templates.
   3. It displays all the customizable templates. Select the template you want to edit and click Edit Template.
   4. Edit the template to the extent you want. While editing the template, you have to take care of text surrounded by <!-- --> as it displays dynamic text which is directly pulled from HC Database. These tags are replaced on runtime with actual values. The text within these tags is descriptive and you can easily understand their purpose. Be careful and do not mistakenly delete or rename any of these tags.