How to Reset or Recover HC panel login?

Question: I forgot my Hosting Controller user password. How do I reset or recover my password?

The password can be refreshed using the
Forgot Password option on HC login page.

To refresh password, follow the steps below: 

    1. Open HC login page (   

    2. Click on
Forgot Password link, specify your Login ID and click Retrieve.
    3. It displays the following message:
         "Your Password Authentication ID has been e-mailed to you at specified email address in personal profile."

    4. You will receive an email with a link. Click on the specified link and it displays the following message:
         "Your new password has been emailed to you."

    5. You will again receive another email that contains your new password.


  • HC cannot retrieve the original password; therefore a new random password will be generated and emailed at the email address of the user specified in his Personal Profile. 
  • Old password remains valid until you receive the second email. 
  • After receiving the second email, you can login into HC with the new password. HC also facilitates you to change this password by clicking Change Password on the homepage of HC after login, as desired.