How to configure HC with new server IP address?

Question: How to configure HC with new server IP address?

Follow these instructions to fix this issue:

    1. Take backup of ServerSettings.xml located at this path \Program Files\Advanced Communications\Hosting Controller\INI of HC installation directory.  After taking backup open ServerSettings.xml into notepad and search for the old IP address and replace it with new one and save changes in the file.

Note: In case of HC9.10 or later since ServerSettings.xml file does not exist, therefore you will need to change the new ipaddress in tblServers against the relevant server's record whose ip you have modified.

    2. Changes in HC database
        a) Open table TblServers and there replace old IP with the new one.  (do not remove the row.)
       b) Open table TblUserProp and change the IP address for field "MasterServer" (This step not require for HC version 6 and 7 )

    3. Go to HC installation folder at this path X:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Applications. Now Open RegisterServer.exe and provide new IP (the first IP which has highest priority in the NIC Card). Press Register button.

    4. Restart HC remoting services from Start :: Run :: Services.msc.
If problem still persists then open HC database table TblRegisteredServer, if same server entry existed with old IP then remove the row, and restart the HCRemoting service.