How to install Shared SSL on VirtualHost in HC Linux?

Question: How to install Shared SSL on VirtualHost?

Following are steps to install Shared SSL on VirtualHost:

    1. Install OpenSSL package and mod_ssl for apache.

    2. In apache configuration file make following changes:
  • LoadModule mod_ssl
  • Make your apache server to listen at SSL default port 443.
  • Install and configure certificate on the VirtualHost.
  • Specify port 80 with the Name VirtualHost that contains the IP address as of your installed VirtualHost like (NameVirtualHost IP: 80).
Note: Above mentioned Name VirtualHost  entry is made by the Hosting Controller therefore you only have to specify port number with it, as described above and this IP should be same as mentioned in <VirtualHost IP> for the domain for which you are configuring SSL.
    * SSL enabled Virtual Host should be configured for SSL default port 443 like:
        <VirtualHost IP:443>

    3. Restart apache server.