How to move HC Database from one machine to other?

Question: How to move HC Database or Master Server from one machine to other?

Answer: Following steps should be followed to move HC database:

HC9 Instructions:
  1. Take backup of HC database from SQL Server management studio.
  2. Take backup of ServerSetting.xml file from existing HC db server location X:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\INI
  3. Install HC on new SQL machine using Database Server option.
  4. Restore HC database backup
  5. Place ServerSetting.xml file in new HC sql machine location X:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\INI
  6. Open HC database table TblUserProp and modify IP address for entry " MasterServer"
  7. Modify HC database connection in existing HC cluster machines using RegisteredServer.exe file located in X:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Applications
  8. Restart hcremoting service from Services Manager Start :: Run :: Services.msc.

Note:  Please note the instructions No. 2 and No. 5 would apply only, if you are using the build prior of HC 9.10. 

HC10 Instructions:
  1. Take backup of HC database using SQL Server management studio.
  2. Restore HC database on the new SQL Server using the backup taken in step # 1.
  3. On new SQL Server, make sure the following settings are specified:
  • SQL Collation
     SQL Server Collation must be SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
  • SQL Authentication
    SQL Server should be configured with a mixed mode of Authentication i.e. SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode should be enabled prior to installing Hosting Controller.
  • TCP/IP and Named Pipes
     The status of both TCP/IP and Named Pipes should be enabled in SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  • SQL Server Browser Service
     SQL Server Browser service should be in running state.
  • hcdbadmin user must be DB owner also on new SQL machine where you are to restore DB as shown in the below screenshot taken from SQL Management studio after signing in as SQL SA user.

     4. Open Config.exe file on your HC10 portal machine from this location : C:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Config.exe, specify the new SQL instance and DB details which shall help to connect new SQL DB with your HC panel.

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