How to move HC Database from one machine to other?

Question: How to move HC Database or Master Server from one machine to other?

Following steps should be followed to move HC database:

  1. Take backup of HC database from SQL Server management studio.
  2. Take backup of ServerSetting.xml file from existing HC db server location X:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\INI
  3. Install HC on new SQL machine using Database Server option.
  4. Restore HC database backup
  5. Place ServerSetting.xml file in new HC sql machine location X:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\INI
  6. Open HC database table TblUserProp and modify IP address for entry " MasterServer"
  7. Modify HC database connection in existing HC cluster machines using RegisteredServer.exe file located in X:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Applications
  8. Restart hcremoting service from Services Manager Start :: Run :: Services.msc.

Note:  Please note the instructions No. 2 and No. 5 would apply only, if you are using the build prior of HC 9.10.