How to install HC on remote subsequent machine?

Question: How to install HC subsequent setup?

To install HC subsequent setup follow the instructions below:           

    1. Download HC main installer from here. You can use the same HC primary machine installer to install subsequent setup.

    2. HC Installation setup is of two types:

i)    Setup New Cluster

ii)   Connect to Existing Cluster


      Select option (ii)

    3. On next page installer will show 3 input fields:

   Server Name
      ii)   Server IP
Database Name 

    Server Name: Provide the machine name where HC database is located, if the server is in different network then provide server IP Address instead of machine name.

    Server IP: Provide the HC database server IP Address in this field.

    Database: Enter HC database name here.


    4. Enter database login and provide HC db user name and its password.


    5. After installing HC subsequent setup; login in HC panel as host admin and go to Cluster Configuration :: Manager Server :: Add Server to add servers in cluster.