How to upgrade more than one HC6 webservers into latest HC panel cluster?

Question: How to upgrade more than one HC6 webservers into latest HC panel cluster?


For adding N number of servers from HC6 to latest HC cluster you will follow the steps given below:

    1. Consult HC Upgrade article.

    2. Choose any web server that would contain new HC database (it must be either one of the web server). On this webserver you will run the HC setup with Database Server option.

    3. Install latest HC subsequent setup on rest of machines by choosing the subsequent option during the installation of HC on these servers. During subsequent server installation you must have to provide correct HC Database Server information for successful connectivity, where Database Server is the first server on which you have installed latest HC setup. For connectivity issues on subsequent machines you can consult with this Article.

    4. Now Login as hcadmin and add each server from Server Manager :: Add Server into new HC cluster.

    5. Make sure that all the settings in both HC6 and latest HC panel are exactly identical. If a server in HC6 has webserver plus DNS role then its role should remain the same in new HC too. You can match the settings of HC6 server given at Settings.exe with the settings of latest HC given at Server Manager :: Edit Server option. There should be no conflict among these settings.

    6. Run Upgrade utility on each server one by one, Upgrade utility will copy each HC6 DB data in a single new HC database. You can run upgrade utility from Start menu :: Program files :: Hosting Controller :: UpgradeUtility.exe.

    7. It is highly recommended not to import all the Resellers at one time rather select the reseller's one by one in order to migrate from HC6 to latest HC.

    8. After you finish migration from HC6 to latest HC server on first HC6 Server then repeat the same steps given in the manual to repeat this procedure on the other HC6 servers one by one.


  • There is an option in Upgrade Utility, Send mail to rename users, this means that if same user name already exists on more than one server then upgrade Utility will rename that user and will send notification on user's email.
  • Don't terminate the Upgrade process forcefully in the middle otherwise it may create serious issues. 
  • Once you are sure about that all data is properly migrated into new HC Database then go ahead to import other HC6 servers.

Note: Customers can dedicate HC support team for doing complete migration task at a very reasonable price.