Hosting Controller Installation Problem due to Database connectivity

Question: Unable to connect Database Server during HC Primary or Subsequent Installation ?


Case 1: HC Installation on First Machine (Master Server)

If HC installer unable to connect the Database Server then it could be due to following reasons

Reason # 1: If SQL instance name is incorrect. For example you have specified <machine_name>\SQLEXPRESS as your SQL Server instance then you would require to use the same as Server Name during HC installation.

Reason # 2: If SQL is running in Windows Authentication mode, whereas HC installer connect database server using SQL Authentication. To enable SQL Authentication in SQL Server please check the screen shot

  • Provide unique HC Database Name & DB login during installation
  • We recommend to disable password must meet complexity option in Start :: control panel :: Administrator tool :: Local security policy :: Account policy :: Password policy

Case2: If you are installing HC on Remote Box (Subsequent Machine )

  • Open SQL Server Configuration Manager and enable TCP/IP and Named Pipes.

  • In same location SQL Server Configuration Manager enable SQL Server Browser service

  • If firewall is installed on Database Server machine then allow following ports in Firewall Incoming/Outgoing rules.

    8788 (HC Remoting Service) 
    8789 (HC Server) 
    1433 (SQL Server Port)   

  • Check if you can connect to SQL Database Server from remote machine using ODBC. If yes, then HC Installer must connect too. 
If problem still persists then please open a Ticket on Support department