How to configure HC Billing Manager?

Question: How to configure HC billing Manager?

Hosting Controller has its own powerful built-in billing system and provides all the modern facilities which any other billing software can. As soon as you install the HC it is ready to use and you only need to configure it, which is also very easy to do.

In order to configure HC panel, login in HC panel as "hostadmin" or "reseller".

To enable auto billing follow the instructions below:

  • Click Billing Manager menu.
  • Click Configure Billing.
  • Tick the Enable Billing radio button.
  • Tick the Enable Gateway Radio button.
  • Press "Next" to set billing cycle date etc.
  • Press "Next" to choose Currency.
  • Press "Next" to enable invoicing.

Enabling or Disabling the billing system affects only the sub-level of user. When Hostadmin enables/disables billing system, then only Reseller to Hostadmin billing will be enabled/disabled. And when Reseller enables/disables billing then only Webadmin to Reseller billing will be enabled/disabled.

Note: Find out more details in HC Documentations