Website stops automatically in the Server

Question: My websites are getting stopped automatically. How can I check what is going wrong there? 

There could be two reasons for sites getting suspended automatically:

    1) Due to over usage of Bandwidth/Disk Space. 

    2) Due to non-payment of dues.

Following is the detail of these two reasons: 

1)    Due to over usage of Bandwidth/Disk Space: In order to check if excess usage of both Disk and bandwidth is the cause of websites suspension then login as reseller and go to Reports :: Hosting Quota menu and check webadmin's quota under which these websites existed. If Disk usage or Bandwidth is showing negative value then it could have caused this issue.

To detect why these websites have stopped running under those webadmin(s) go to Reseller :: Panel Configuration :: Configure Services :: Disk /Bandwidth Usage Settings, here you can see Action = Website Suspension under threshold. If you haven't defined percentage in Threshold field then this would mean HC by default will take its value as 90%. In this scenario whenever webadmin disk quota or bandwidth will cross 90% of the allocated amount of bandwidth or disk usage then HC will stop site under that plan.

So better is to sell extra Bandwidth or disk usage to this webadmin or change "Action" status to Sell Add-on or to anything else.


2)    Due to non-payment of dues: Second reason for this issue can be that you have set the option Suspend Plan of all Clients on non-payment after x number of days. You may verify this as you sign in as Reseller and go to Billing System :: Configure Billing and under General Settings you will find this option there.

To avoid this you can extend the number of days before the plan is suspended or you can set it to never to suspend a user's plan OR you may also uncheck this option that is Suspend Plan of all Clients on non-payment after x number of days.