How to configure paypal in HC?

 Question: How to configure Paypal payment gateway in HC panel? 
     Login as "hcadmin" then click Billing System :: Integrate Edit/Payment Gateways (Paypal).
     Set Gateway URL as: (Switch Gateway in Test Mode)

    Set Gateway URL as: (Switch Gateway in Live Mode)

Now Login to your HC Panel and provide paypal merchant information at this path: Billing System :: Manage Billing :: Configure Payment Gateways :: Configure Gateway. Here is the brief explanation of different required filelds at above path: 

     • PayPal Email Address: Provide your Paypal merchant account email address. 

     • Command Type:  _xclick
        It is recommended value because normally this Command type is used for online purchasing. 

     • Set Send IPN= NO
        & IPN URL= Blank
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        If you don't want to define IPN URL in hc panel and want to use the same IPN URL provided in the Paypal interface.

     • Set Send IPN=YES
        & IPN URL= HC will redirect you to this IPN URL after the payment. 

     • Set Send IPN=YES
        & IPN URL=
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     HC will automatically pick the URL from your browser address bar and will redirect IPN on it.