How to use shared SSL in HC panel?

Question: How can I add SSL to my websites using HC?


In HC panel you can manage both Shared and Dedicated SSL. Shared SSL certificate helps you share a single certificate across your domains, whereas in the case of Dedicated SSL certificate you have to purchase a separate certificate for each domain which is costly.

After installing shared SSL on your server, you will first enable it in HC panel at path Cluster Configuration :: Manage Servers :: Cluster Settings.

Then in the host-admin level, navigate to the location Cluster Configuration :: Manage Servers :: My Servers :: Edit Server :: Web Server and set the default/parent website on which SSL has been installed.

Now you will be able to add hosting-plans with Shared SSL resource in them for your webadmins. Consequently you will then enable SSL at webadmin level from the following path Panel Configuration :: Manage SSL :: Shared SSLs.

Enabling Shared SSL on any domain (e.g. from Panel Configuration :: Manage SSL :: Shared SSLs will create a virtual directory under the main domain (e.g. where you have installed Shared SSL certificate). So, URL would be like this: "". 

This would help you to install and enable SSL on your websites through the HC panel.