How to fix Linux installation connectivity issue with Remote windows machine?

Question: HC Linux setup is unable to connect to Windows Database server?

Follow the steps below to establish a successful HC Linux setup connection to windows database server:

    1. Disable Linux default firewall by executing following commands:
/sbin/chkconfig iptables off
        /sbin/service iptables stop

    2. Disable Selinux enforcing policy (For RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS only) 
Go to path cd /etc/selinux
        cat config

 To disable SeLinux, set the following option at this path /etc/selinux/config:

    3. Provide Windows database Server IP instead of machine name during HC Linux setup installation.

    4. HC services and SQL ports should be enable on windows server 8796, 8798, 8798,1433 (for HC9: 8788, 8789, 1433) or you can turn off firewall on windows machine.

If above instructions didn't help then it is possible to manually connect Linux server with remote HC DB server, find out detail in this Article