Unable to create mail domain/mailbox on Microsoft Exchange Server

Question: HC is throwing error "Unable to create mail domain" while mail domain creation on Microsoft Exchange Server. How could I fix this issue?

Its mandatory that HC service with name " HC Remoting " must be running under a Domain Admin account on the Exchange Machine where HC Panel version 9 is installed. Its is compulsory because HC will need to have appropriate permission to interact with Exchange Services as well as Active Directory.

Follow below instructions:

    1.  Open Active Directory and create a user for example "hcremotinguser" add following members under this user: 


  • Administrators
  • Domain Admins
  • Domain Controllers
  • Domain Users
  • Exchange Organization Administrators (Optional)
  • Exchange Public Folder Administrators (Optional Add this user only if you are using Exchange 2007)

    2. Open hcremoting service from Start :: Run :: services.msc and set its login user as "hcremotinguser".

    3. Stop hcremoting service (This action will stop all other HC services). Now restart all HC services.
         Note: Only use start/stop option to perform above action on hcremoting service.

    4. Login in HC panel as host. Go to Server Manager :: Edit Server (Select Microsoft Exchange Server) :: Mail server settings. Verify that Microsoft Exchange Server configuration is listed here.

    5. Make sure Microsoft Exchange Server System Attendant Service is running and is in Automatic mode.