Unable to create mail domain/mailbox on Microsoft Exchange Server

Question: HC is throwing error "Unable to create mail domain" while mail domain creation on Microsoft Exchange Server. How could I fix this issue?

Its mandatory that HC service with name " HC Remoting " must be running under a Domain Admin account on the Exchange Machine where HC Panel is installed. Its is compulsory because HC will need to have appropriate permission to interact with Exchange Services as well as Active Directory.

Follow below instructions:

    1.  Open Active Directory and create a user for example "hcremotinguser" add following members under this user: 


  • Administrators
  • Domain Admins
  • Domain Controllers
  • Domain Users
  • Exchange Organization Administrators (Optional)
  • Exchange Public Folder Administrators (Optional Add this user only if you are using Exchange 2007)

    2. Open hcremoting service from Start :: Run :: services.msc and set its login user as "hcremotinguser".

    3. Stop hcremoting service (This action will stop all other HC services). Now restart all HC services.
         Note: Only use start/stop option to perform above action on hcremoting service.

    4. Login in HC panel as host. Go to Server Manager :: Edit Server (Select Microsoft Exchange Server) :: Mail server settings. Verify that Microsoft Exchange Server configuration is listed here.

    5. Make sure Microsoft Exchange Server System Attendant Service is running and is in Automatic mode.