HTTP Error 502.5 - ANCM Out-Of-Process Startup Failure

Issue: HTTP Error 502.5 - ANCM Out-Of-Process Startup Failure on ADSync Plus (ADCS Plus) Portal
Encountering an HTTP Error 502.5 while browsing the ADCS Plus portal can be frustrating, but understanding the root causes and solutions can quickly resolve the issue. This error is commonly associated with misconfigurations related to the ASP.NET Core shared framework. Here's a detailed guide on identifying the reasons behind this error and steps to resolve it effectively.

Reason: Reason for HTTP Error 502.5
One of the primary reasons for encountering HTTP Error 502.5 is a misconfiguration that arises from targeting an incorrect version of the ASP.NET Core shared framework. This typically occurs when the required version of the framework is not present on the server where the ADCS Plus portal is hosted. The shared framework comprises a set of assemblies (.dll files) referenced by metapackages like Microsoft.AspNetCore.App. Failure to meet the specified minimum version requirement can trigger this error.

2. Solution to Resolve HTTP Error 502.5:
To resolve the HTTP Error 502.5 and ensure smooth operation of the ADCS Plus portal, follow these steps:

a. Install .NET 7.x Version:
  • Download and install .NET 7.x version using the following link: Download .NET 7.x Version
  • Click on the provided link to access the download page for the .NET 7.x version. Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Installing the correct version of .NET 7.x will provide the necessary runtime environment for the ADCS Plus portal, resolving any version-related issues.
b. Refer to ADCS Plus Portal's System Requirements and Pre-requisites:
  • Gain insights into the system requirements and pre-requisites of the ADCS Plus tool by referring to the official documentation: ADCS Plus Installation Guide
  • Ensure that all prerequisites mentioned in the documentation are met, including the installation of required components and meeting hardware/software specifications.
The above instructions shall resolve the issue. 

3. Other Common Reasons related to HTTP Error 502.5:  
However, if the issue still persists then there are additional system-level issues that may be causing HTTP Error 502.5. These common error are:
  • The application process failed to start
  • The application process started but then stopped
  • The application process started but failed to listen on the configured port
To further troubleshoot, such issues refer to the troubleshooting guide mentioned below URL:

This comprehensive guide offers insights and solutions to common issues encountered in ASP.NET Core applications, providing valuable troubleshooting tips.