Hosting Controller Licensing - Product Selection Guide

HC10 Overview:
HC10 represents Hosting Controller's flagship unified control panel solution, offering a versatile platform for hosting providers. It empowers hosts to deliver both Windows and Linux hosting services, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for shared hosting and enterprise-level applications in a multi-tenant environment. Below is an exhaustive guide detailing HC10's features, modules, licensing options, and considerations for potential users.

HC10 Modules:
HC10 encompasses several modules designed to address diverse hosting needs:
- HC Shared Hosting Module
- HC Exchange Module
- HC SharePoint Module
- HC Skype for Business Module
- HC Virtualization Module (for Hyper-V and VMware ESXi)
- HC IaaS Module (for Amazon AWS and Azure)
- HC CSP Module
- HC AD Management Module

Key Considerations:
- Flexibility: HC10 enables hosts to operate both Windows and Linux servers concurrently within a cluster, offering unparalleled flexibility in infrastructure management.
- Cluster Configuration: While HC10 supports clusters comprising solely Windows servers, hosts can opt for mixed clusters with a combination of Windows and Linux servers. Notably, at least one Windows server must serve as the master console server when incorporating Linux servers into the cluster.
- Database Placement: HC DB can reside on any server within the cluster and does not require a separate license, streamlining database management.

HC10 Licensing Details:
Shared Hosting Module Licenses:
HC10's Shared Hosting Module offers three licensing options tailored to accommodate varying hosting requirements:
- Unlimited Domains: Ideal for hosts catering to a broad clientele with extensive hosting needs.
- 100 Domains: Suited for hosts managing a moderate number of domains.
- Secondary Non-Web on Remote: Designed for servers within the cluster devoid of the web server role, focusing primarily on Mail, DNS, or DB functions.

Secondary Non-Web License: This license is exclusively designated for servers lacking the web server role. It cannot be utilized on servers with the web role enabled, necessitating the selection of either the 100 Domains or Unlimited Domains license for web-enabled servers.

License Upgrades: Customers have the flexibility to upgrade Secondary Non-Web licenses to accommodate additional domains, seamlessly scaling their hosting infrastructure.

Add-On Licensing:
Hosting Controller offers valuable add-ons to enhance functionality:
- Click & Install Apps: Licenses are cluster-based, facilitating easy deployment and management of applications across all servers within the cluster.
- rebuildXpress Utility: Requires individual licenses for each server within the cluster, offering robust backup and restoration capabilities for Windows and Linux hosting servers.

Enterprise Module Licensing:
Each server within the HC cluster must be appropriately licensed based on its assigned enterprise application roles:
- Exchange Module: Licensed per the number of Exchange mailboxes, facilitating seamless integration and provisioning of Exchange services.
- SharePoint Module: Licenses based on the number of SharePoint users and sites, empowering hosts to deliver SharePoint services efficiently.
- Skype for Business Module: Licensing is determined by the number of Skype for Business users per server, ensuring optimal communication and collaboration capabilities.
- CSP Module: Licensing correlates with the number of subscribers/users, supporting efficient management of cloud services.

HC10 Licensing Evolution:
Effective January 28, 2013, Hosting Controller implemented a new licensing model for its Enterprise Modules, discontinuing the previous licensing framework. While existing customers can continue using their current licenses, new acquisitions must adhere to the updated licensing guidelines.

Customized Pricing and Support:
For comprehensive pricing details tailored to your specific infrastructure and business needs, consult with HC Sales. Providing pertinent information regarding your current server setup, user base, and intended usage enables the Sales team to deliver customized quotes and optimal licensing solutions.

Hosting Controller's HC10 represents a sophisticated and versatile control panel solution, empowering hosting providers to deliver robust and scalable hosting services tailored to diverse client requirements. With its array of modules, flexible licensing options, and ongoing support, HC10 serves as a cornerstone for efficient and streamlined hosting management.