Increase Exchange Remote PowerShell Connectivity Limit

Question: How do I increase the Exchange Remote PowerShell connectivity limit?

Answer: By default, the Exchange Server allows a maximum of 18 concurrent remote PowerShell connections. If you need to increase this limit according to your company's control panel usage and policy, follow these steps:

1. Create a New Throttling Policy: Use the following command to create a new throttling policy named "ITStaffPolicy" with the desired PowerShellMaxConcurrency value (e.g., 50):
New-ThrottlingPolicy -Name ITStaffPolicy -PowerShellMaxConcurrency 50 -ThrottlingPolicyScope Regular
2. Associate the New Policy: Associate the newly created policy with the service account that the HC application uses to communicate with the Exchange Server. Use the following command:
Set-ThrottlingPolicyAssociation -Identity HCEXCH -ThrottlingPolicy ITStaffPolicy 

3. Restart Microsoft Throttling Service: After making these changes, restart the Microsoft Throttling service for the changes to take effect.

For a detailed reference, you can also check the Microsoft Article related to this topic.