Enforcing 2FA option disables option for "OTP Delivery mode" as Authenticator App

Issue: From GlobalAdmin user level in HC panel, upon enabling the Enforce option Enforcing 2FA option, the option of "OTP Delivery Mode" of type "via Authenticator App (i.e. Google Authenticator)" is disabled.

Reason: The 2FA settings will be enforced for all users. However, upon enabling the Enforce option, the "OTP Delivery Mode" of type "via Authenticator App (i.e. Google Authenticator)" is disabled. 

The enforcement can be applied for "OTP Delivery Mode" of type via Email or via SMS modes because the OTP in any case will be sent to the email address and Phone Number registered in the HC Panel against user profile. However, Google Authenticator and similar Authenticator Apps require manual configuration inside HC Panel where a QR code is to be scanned by individual Panel Users during the 2FA setup process with Google Authenticator Module App. Therefore, if Google Authenticator is enforced then all those users who have not yet scanned QR code within the HC Panel will be locked out of the HC Control panel and will never be able to login to HC panel. 

Consequently, the "OTP Delivery Mode" option via Authenticator App is disabled under the "Enforce" setting, as it cannot be seamlessly integrated with the automated enforcement of 2FA.

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