SharePoint Segregation Levels explained

Managing SharePoint Tenants with HC Panel

SharePoint tenants within your company are structured and managed efficiently through the HC Panel. This article provides insights into the tenant structure and segregation at both the HC and SharePoint levels.

Tenant Creation and Organization

  1. HC Panel Creation:

    • The HC Panel facilitates the creation of SharePoint Organizations and their associated users.
    • All SharePoint Organizations' and their users are placed within their respective Organizational Units (OU) in the Active Directory, for streamlined management.
  2. Creating SharePoint Sites:

    • To accommodate additional customers requiring SharePoint services, separate SharePoint sites can be created for each customer (panel user).
    • Note: You have the flexibility to link one WebApplication to all SharePoint sites for all customers, or alternatively, assign separate WebApplications to individual customers using HC.

WebApplication Configuration

  • Utilize HC's flexibility to either link one WebApplication to all SharePoint sites or assign separate WebApplications to individual customers (panel users). This allows tailored configurations based on your organizational requirements.

Segregation Levels

1. HC Level Segregation

  • At the HC level, segregation is implemented to ensure that:
    • Tenant admins (panel users) only have visibility into their specific SharePoint sites.
    • These tenant admins (panel users) can modify permissions exclusively for their SharePoint sites and their corresponding users from within the HC10 control panel.

2. SharePoint Level Segregation

  • Segregation at the SharePoint level is achieved through HC Panel code, providing a two-tiered approach:
    • Example: Tenant 1 vs. Tenant 2 (SharePoint Organization 1 vs. SharePoint Organization 2)

      • Users belonging to Tenant1 (SharePoint Organization 1) will not have visibility into the users of Tenant2 (SharePoint Organization 2).
      • Tenant admins from Tenant1 will only see and modify permissions for users within their own SharePoint Site, maintaining confidentiality and data integrity.

By leveraging the features and flexibility of the HC Panel, your company can efficiently manage SharePoint tenants, ensuring optimal security and segregation at both the organizational and SharePoint-specific levels.