Integrating custom fonts to ExSign Product

Problem: How can we incorporate custom fonts into ExSign Signatures if they are not currently accessible in the ExSign Product's editor?
Answer: "Custom Fonts" can be added to ExSign Product's editor using the following steps:
  1. The custom font to show while creating Email Signatures in ExSign must be first installed on the machine where ExSign Portal software is installed.
  2.  On your server where ExSign is installed, navigate to the path "C:\Program Files\ExSign Portal\Portal\" and open appsettings.json.
A screenshot of a computer

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  1. In appsettings.json file, modify the key:value pair according to the following settings:

    "EditorFonts": "Super Bubble;” and place the font name after Super Bubble that you want to configure in the signature. See below screenshot for clarity.
 (Note: Give the exact name of the font. In the above example, the font names are "Test Font 1" and "Test Font 2" which are showing in the ExSign interface upon making the changes in the appsettings.json file.)
  1. This newly added custom to ExSign System will appear in two locations:

    a) Under Organization menu
    b) Under the Rules menu

    3(a) Navigate to Organization>>Manage Organization>>Actions>>plainTextToHtmsSettings.The font name will be shown in the list that was added.


3(b):Navigate to Rules>>Manage Rules. When creating the rule Custom font name will show in the Signature "Format>>Fonts" list.

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