How to use Microsoft Exchange builtin "Automatic Mailbox Distribution" mechanism in HC Panel?

Problem: HC Panel is adding Mailboxes only to one Mailbox Database despite having multiple Mailbox Databases deployed in Exchange, how to use the "Automatic Mailbox Distribution" mechanism of Exchange in HC Panel.

Solution: Hosting Controller allows the use of the built-in "Automatic Mailbox Distribution" feature of Microsoft Exchange. To configure in HC panel, the following steps will be required:

1.    Login as GlobalAdmin user in HC Panel.
2.    Navigate to the menu: “Configurations >> Server Manager >> Servers >> Edit Exchange Server”.
3.    Now select the "Database Selection Mode" as Automatic for your Exchange Server added in HC panel as shown in the below screenshot.

Upon saving this configuration in the HC Panel, HC10 Control Panel will be set to use the built-in mechanism of "Automatic Mailbox Distribution" for Microsoft Exchange to distribute the mailboxes across multiple Mailboxes Database on Exchange.

This way Microsoft Exchange will decide which mailbox database has the least load of mailboxes and will assign the next mailbox to that particular Mailbox Database which increases efficiency and performance. Also, Exchange randomly selects a database and if the chosen database is online and in good health, Exchange utilizes it else it ignores the unhealthy or offline database and proceeds to randomly select another database. 

Note: "Automatic Mailbox Distribution" will apply to both single mailboxes added via HC Panel as well as to the mailboxes added in bulk using the csv file.

For any further help regarding the aforementioned steps, feel free to contact the Hosting Controller Support department by sending an email to