Question: What are QR codes in ExSign and how these are managed per Exchange Organization for applying on the Email Signatures of mailbox users?
Answer:  In this KB article, the following topics are discussed:
  • What are QR Codes?
  • Examples of QR Codes in ExSign
  • How to implement the QR embedding in Email Signatures
What are QR Codes?
QR codes in email signatures, streamline information exchange by providing a quick and hassle-free means for recipients to access specific details. Whether linking to contact information, personal websites, event details, marketing promotions, etc. Recipients can scan the code using a smartphone, instantly connecting with the sender's desired content.

Examples of QR Codes in ExSign
The ExSign QR code utilizes dynamic values specified in the Placeholder, extracting information directly from the Active Directory. Thus, each mailbox user in an organization will possess a QR code with a distinct value. For instance, consider the emails sent by two different users, and In both cases, the values of the FirstName and Email fields, employed as Placeholders, are unique. Thus, every user will have individualized values retrieved directly from the Active Directory.
How to implement the QR embedding in Email Signatures?

ExSign-related steps: The Implementation of QR Codes can be added using the following steps:
  1. Login to the ExSign Portal.
  2. Navigate to Organizations >> Manage Organizations and then in Actions select the QR Code.

  3. Then under QR Code Settings specify the PlaceHolders as your desired values to show in the QR Code of each mailbox. This can contain multiple placeholders. Each Placeholder will fetch the attributes from the Active Directory Of that User and display in QR code. See the below screenshot for clarity.

    4. After saving the QR Code settings in step # 3, in the last step navigate to Rules >> Manage Rules, and then Re-Publish the rule for the new QR Code settings to take effect on the new emails sent from your Exchange Server.

Now as you will send emails, each mailbox user will have unique values of Active Directory Place Holders. In case of any query regarding this topic of QR codes handling in ExSign for Organizations, feel free to contact us by sending an email to