Mailbox Migration tool GMAIL Account Verification Issue

Problem: Gmail account password is not verified in Mail Data Migrator tool. 
Details: Migrating the Gmail account to the target Exchange Server by using the Mail Data Migrator tool does not verify the Gmail account and throws the following error as mentioned in the below screenshot.
Reason: Google had been actively working to enhance the security of Google Accounts by encouraging users to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) and has finally discontinued support for "Less Secure Apps" to improve account security. This meant that applications or services considered less secure were restricted from accessing Google Accounts. So, the gmail accounts passwords will not be directly accessible via the Mail Data Migrator tool developed by the Hosting Controller Inc. team.
Resolution: Google provides the option to generate app-specific passwords. These passwords can be used for these apps like Mail Data Migrator (MDM) while keeping your main Google Account password secure. Following are the steps that can be taken to resolve the Password Verification in MDM tool.
  1. Login to Gmail account from this link:
  2. Turn on 2-Step Verification. by clicking on "Security." Find "2-Step Verification" and click on it.

  1. After enabling the 2FA, please go to App password section under the 2FA setting.
  1. Now generate the password separately for Mail apps.

  1. Now open Mail Data Migrator tool in your browser and enter the password which is generated in step 3 against the mailbox. Now click on Verify button that will verify the mailbox.

If the issue still persists then do not hesitate to contact us.