How to install and configure Myrtille web console with the HC10 control panel?

Installation of Myrtille Web Console on Windows server:

Myrtille provides remote web access to virtual machines using RDP protocol. Myrtille installer can be downloaded directly from this URL:

When Myrtille is installed, it creates a virtual directory in IIS under the “Default website" which runs on the default port 8008 (which can be changed during installation) and a windows service. The Myrtille website virtual directory needs to be accessible via the internet. So, it should be configured to be browsed under some live domain or subdomain like “” etc.

After the installation, Myrtille's default page would be like below.

In the HC10 control panel, only the Global admin will be able to access this default page of Myrtille, so its access needs to be blocked for other users. The steps needed to perform this task are defined below: 

Step 1: Redirect the Default page to the custom page:

  • Download and install the “URL Rewrite” module for IIS through this URL: (
  • It is simply a rewriting rule which states that whenever someone tries to access the “default.aspx” page, it should be redirected to “https://localhost:8797/vm/rdpdefault”
  • Now, update the “Web.config” file of Myrtille with the below-mentioned code. The file is located at the installation path of the application C:\Program Files (x86)\Myrtille\Web.config




                  <rule name="RequestBlockingRule1" stopProcessing="true">

                        <match url=".*" />


                              <add input="{QUERY_STRING}" pattern="__EVENTTARGET=" negate="true" />

                              <add input="{URL}" pattern="/Default.aspx" />


                        <action type="Redirect" url="https://localhost:8797/Vm/RdpDefault" appendQueryString="false" redirectType="Found" />





Note: The base address (e.g., localhost:8797) in the URL can also be replaced with the actual control-panel URL address or even just change the entire URL to your own custom page (static HTML).

Step 2:  Redirect the Login page URL to the custom page URL

Whenever a VM is disconnected or a logout action is performed from Myrtille, the user is redirected to the same default page as mentioned above in step 1. If the admin wants to show a different page for disconnected VMs, then he needs to change the value of the key LoginUrl in the Web.config file. Either you can set the below-mentioned URL or use a custom page URL instead of the default page.

<!-- connect from a login page or url (you can disable it if using a connection API) -->

      <add key="LoginEnabled" value="true" />

      <!-- if login is enabled, url of the login page (change it if using your own page or leave empty to use the default page) -->

      <add key="LoginUrl" value="http://localhost:8008/Vm/Rdpdefault?disconnect=true" />

      <!-- recycle the application pool when there is no active remote session; not applicable if using the enterprise mode -->

Configuration of Myrtille in HC10 Control Panel

  • Log in to the HC10 control panel with a Global Admin account.
  • Now navigate to this path: “Configurations> Virt. Module Conf. > Web Console Settings” and select Myrtille from the drop-down menu for RD provider.
  • As described earlier about the Myrtille website and its windows service, both URLs (service URL and website URL) need to be mentioned on the configuration page of Myrtille in the HC10 control panel. After performing the above-stated task, save the configuration settings of Myrtille.

Note: After configuring WebConsole Settings, must ensure to block port in the Service URL for traffic coming from all machines except HC10 Control Server.

Once configured successfully the Web Console of the VMs can be accessed as shown below:

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