How to enable Invoice Only option and settle invoices amount in HC Marketplace?

Steps to enable Invoice Only option and settle invoice amount in Hosting Controller Marketplace
HC Marketplace has the feature to sell products, generate invoices, and charge its customers using the payment gateways integrated with it. If there is a custom requirement where one wants to generate only invoices for the sold products then it is possible using HC Marketplace.
The steps to achieve the invoice only requires the following steps :
  1. Store Level Configurations : Login into the HC Marketplace admin portal, and enable the option Invoice Only as shown below :

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        2. Invoice Generation: Upon purchasing any product from HC Marketplace, an invoice will be generated and emailed to the customer. This is shown under the Due Invoices section at Invoices >> Due Invoices.

        3. Payment Registration in HC Marketplace: After making payment against this Invoice through any third-party Billing System or via Bank Wire Transfer etc, the payment can then be registered by visiting the Payments >> Manual Payments menu and by clicking Add Funds button in HC Marketplace Admin portal. See the below screenshot for clarity.
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   Adding the Funds equivalent to the invoice amount, the Invoice amount will be settled, and the invoice will move from the Due Invoices section to Paid Invoices section in HC Marketplace.

For any further queries regarding the above-mentioned procedure, feel free to contact to get help from the Hosting Controller Support team.