Common reasons why a Distribution Group does not sync from Exchange to HC panel

Problem: Common reasons why "Distribution Groups that exist at the backend in Exchange do not sync in HC10 panel interface even after clicking on Trigger Sync option in HC panel"?
Solution: The TriggerSync option in the HC panel facilitates the synchronization of objects such as Exchange Mailboxes and Distribution Groups from the Exchange Server to the HC panel. Any manual changes made in the Exchange backend are reflected in the HC10 panel through the TriggerSync command.

Below are the most common reasons for the issue, along with their resolutions:
Reason#1: Lack of ListAdmin for a Distribution Group

When a distribution group lacks an administrator in the Exchange server, you can resolve this by adding one. Navigate to the distribution list in the Exchange Server and follow these steps:

Resolution: Add an administrator to the group under the properties of that distribution group in the Exchange Admin Center (EAC), as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Reason #2: When the SMTP address is not the same as that of the mail domain
If the SMTP address differs from the specified mail domain for the organization, synchronization issues may arise when syncing the distribution group.

Resolution: Change the SMTP address of the distribution group and ensure that the UPN Suffix of the SMTP address includes the mail domain name added in the HC panel. Follow these steps to modify the SMTP address of the Distribution Group:

  1. Open the properties of the Distribution Group in the Exchange Control Panel (ECP).
  2. Navigate to email options and edit the email address, as depicted in the screenshot below, where "" represents the mail domain address.


Reason #3: AD Group Not an Exchange Group

If the distribution group exists in Active Directory but not in the Exchange server, HC will not synchronize it. To enable synchronization of such Active Directory groups with Exchange, the groups must be present in both Active Directory and the Exchange server.

Resolution: If the distribution group is solely created in Active Directory, replicate the same group in the Exchange server using Exchange PowerShell. Execute the following command in Exchange PowerShell:

Enable-DistributionGroup -Identity "Group Name" –PrimarySMTPAddress ""
As shown in below screenshot, where Group Name is groupsync and SMTP address which will be set for this group is

After executing the above command, access the properties of this group and add a list owner as explained in reason #1 above.

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