Resolution for HC Panel loading slowly

Problem: HC10 Portal is loading slow on the server. How to resolve it?
Solution: There are several configurations that can be performed in IIS for application pools of both Hosting Controller Portal and Hosting Controller API websites for resolving this specific issue :

The steps mentioned below are valid for Windows Server 2012 and any later versions of Windows Operating Systems.

Worker process idle timeout Action
Every time an Application Pool’s idle timeout reaches (20 min is the default), IIS terminates (by default) worker process, and the first request after that termination has to go through all that initialization and compilation stuff all over again. This can be minimized by changing the setting of “Idle Time-out Action” to Suspend (instead of Terminate). This will improve the application load time for the first request after app-pool termination for being idle. Also, the value of the “Idle time-out” property of the app-pool can be increased a bit.
Start Mode” is another property of the app-pool which improves application load time.

Application initialization module (IIS 7.5+)
This module will make the application pool perform all the heavy stuff even before the first HTTP request to the application. This will make the first HTTP request even faster because all the initializations stuff would already be performed by app-pool against any request sent by this module.

On Windows Server 2012 or any later versions, this is can be configured as follows :
  1. Install the module from roles and features
  1. Set “Start Mode” of application-pool to “Always running”, as already mentioned above
  1. Set “Pre-load Enabled” to true from the website’s advanced settings in IIS
Reset IIS and wait for few seconds to let “Application Initialization” module do its job, and then browse the portal. HC10 login page will be loaded in same amount of time for every request including the first.
  • For HC10, make sure these settings are applied for both of HC10 websites (Hosting Controller Portal and Hosting Controller API ) and their application pools which are HCAppPool and HCAPIAppPool respectively.

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