How to configure Let's Encrypt for Windows Websites?

Question: How can I configure Let's Encrypt for Windows Websites hosted on IIS WebServer, in HC panel ?

Answer:There is nothing required to be installed on Windows webserver for configuring LetsEncrypt on it with Hosting Controller control panel. Configuration steps for LetsEncrypt on Windows webserver with HC are given below :

  1. Login into HC panel as a Global Admin user.
  2. Open Cluster Settings by navigating to the menu Configurations >> Server Manager >> Cluster Settings and enable Name Based SSL (SNI)

  3. From the top right corner of your screen, navigate to Configurations >> Server Manager >> Servers >> Edit WebServer.
  • Under Automated SSL Settings, select Automated SSL (LetsEncrypt) checkbox.
  • Under Account Email, specify the email address which you specified while installing certbot client on the WebServer machine. See the below screenshot for clarity :

After saving WebServer settings as mentioned above, follow the instructions to install free SSL certificate on your website using Let's Encrypt :
  1. Navigate to the Website Dashboard  from Provisioning >> Websites >> Dashboard and click on Install Automated SSL

  2. Now install SSL on the website. To install specify password and click on Install button.

Note: The website must be registered and running on a live IIS Webserver prior to installing Let's Encrypt else SSL installation via Let's Encrypt will fail.

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