Exchange Mailbox General Properties and Change Password options are disabled/locked in HC Panel

Problem: Upon visiting Exchange Mailbox's dashboard both the Change Password button as well as General Properties in the HC panel are shown as greyed out (disabled).

Reason: If the Sync AD option is enabled against any Exchange Organization from Configurations >> Exchange Module Configuration >> Sync Organizations at Global Admin level in HC panel then both Change Password and General Properties will be locked (disabled) inside HC.

What is the purpose of the Sync AD option?
Hosting Controller offers another tool called HC AD Connect Sync which is deployed onto domain controller in the on-premises AD forest. As changes are made in the on-premises domains, they are replicated to the Cloud AD which is also connected to the Exchange Server. So, if in HC panel Sync AD option is enabled, it will be assumed by the HC control panel that the customer does not want any sort of Password / General Profile changes to be made via the HC control panel itself rather these changes should only be controlled using HC AD Connect Sync (ADSync) tool for that particular Exchange Organization.

Resolution: If the Sync AD option was mistakenly enabled in HC control panel from Global Admin level which has disabled both password and General Profile modification from Exchange Mailbox's dashboard in HC panel then simply click on Disable AD Sync option from Configurations >> Exchange Module Configuration >> Sync Organizations and it will resolve the case. 

However, if the Sync AD option is intentionally enabled to sync the AD User Passwords and General Properties only using AD Connect Sync that was deployed on Customer's Local On-Premises DC then safely ignore the disabling of Change Password / General Properties on Exchange Mailbox's Dashboard for that particular organization.

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