Configuring SecureAPI Reseller account in HC Marketplace

Configuring SecureAPI Reseller account in HC Marketplace

This help document is a guide for the step-wise configurations of SecureAPI with HC Marketplace. Once the SecureAPI Reseller account is configured in your HC Marketplace then you can easily register Domain Names using it. Given below are detailed steps : 

Step 1 : Log in with your SecureAPI reseller account by visiting the link given below :
Step 2 : Navigate to the menu : Account Settings >>  API & WHMCS >> API Setup as shown below :

Step 3 : Click on Generate New button in order to generate API Key :
Step 4- In this step, navigate to menu : Account Settings >> API & WHMCS >> WHMCS Setup
Step 5 :  In this, you will be taken to the page that displays the ResellerID and API Key which will be used in HC Marketplace. For security purpose, the ResellerIDs  and API Key values have been hidden in the below screenshot.

Step 6: Login in HC Marketplace Admin portal,

Step 7 : After signing into Marketplace, navigate to the menu : Configurations >> Domain Registrars and then click on Activate button against SecureAPI.

Step 8 : After activating the SecureAPI domain registrar, configure the ResellerID and API Key noted in step # 5 by clicking on Configure button as shown in the screenshots given below :

Note: The SecureAPI reseller credentials are same for both testing as well as live environment. For Test Transaction, you will have to click select "Test Transaction" checkbox else if you are doing live transaction for the SecureAPI then leave the "Test Transaction" checkbox unchecked.

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